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The business card is much more than something a home-based entrepreneur takes to a trade show. Your business card is a foundation of direct marketing. Because of the relatively smaller size, home business owners get closer to their customers.

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13 Insider Secrets about Business Cards

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Lasting Impressions Sell! Bet Your Business Card On It
By Karen Saunders

It's the trade show of the year, and you're poised to meet, greet, and network up a storm because the precise buyers for your product or services are here. Business card? Check. Sales brochures? Check. Product samples, informational literature, or other appropriate peripherals? Check.

But wait. Let's go back to item #1 — both in the list above and the all-important first step in creating a strong, lasting and favorable impression. What you looked like or said may not be remembered when a potential customer is back home, but your business card will be in the pile he’ll sift through to separate the wheat from the chaff; the business he'll want to follow up on.

Business Card — Brand Identity
The business card is much more than something a home-based entrepreneur takes to a trade show. Your business card is a foundation of direct marketing. Because of the relatively smaller size, home business owners get closer to their customers. Interactions are often face-to-face, with personal networking an integral part of business development.

The business card is also usually the first “word document” that a potential colleague or customer sees after meeting you. The business card begins – in their minds – the perception and development of your “brand identity.”

What Your Card is Saying About You
Here are some of the most common mistakes you've no doubt seen and reacted to negatively. Tossing the card into the wastebasket is inevitable.

Paper too thin. Card is wimpy and bends or crumples in your hand or briefcase. And screams cheap. Might be an indicator of your other business practices and products.

Pre-printed perforated cards you run through your computer printer. More cheap impressions, plus your card may look like dozens of others because of the limited pre-printed designs available.

There's much more. Boring. Bad choice of typeface and size. Too much or too little information. No focal point, muddy graphics — the list goes on.

Your business card is often the first — and perhaps only — impression prospective clients may see. Will it encourage them to find out more about you and your business? Having a good logo design and a clean layout leaves them with a favorable first impression that you're a credible professional businessperson.

Insider Secrets About Business Cards
Following are 13 easy ways for you to do what the professional designers do; insider secrets about business cards that go right to your first impression and bottom line.

1. Create a focal point or central place that draws a reader's eye.

2. Allow white space to help balance the layout. Don't fill up the card with text.

3. Use a clear, strong logo that looks good when reduced in size on your business card.

4. Use a highlight color sparingly. Make sure colored elements highlight the one main message you want to convey.


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