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Deciding that your home-based business would benefit by having its own web site was the easy part. The tough part is avoiding the nasty pitfalls that make too many web sites money losers instead of money makers.

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Achieve an Online Presence and Revenue Breakthrough

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Avoid the Six Deadly Sins of Web Site Design

By William J. Lynott

Deciding that your home-based business would benefit by having its own web site was the easy part. The tough part is avoiding the nasty pitfalls that make too many web sites money losers instead of money makers.

The first commercial web sites were designed by early computer experts. These hardy pioneers were quite comfortable in the arcane world of computers, but woefully lacking in communications and marketing skills. The result was a flood of clever web sites that accomplished little except make their sponsors look silly.
That's mostly over now. During the past few years, web design has evolved into a sophisticated combination of art and science. Today's best sites are powerful marketing and communications tools.

Unfortunately, plenty of the old clunkers are still around. Worse, more are going up every day. Here's how you can make sure that your site ─ whether it's in the planning stage or is already a reality ─ isn't marred by one or more of the six most damaging errors of web site design:

1. Failing to Formulate a Clear Purpose for Your Site

That may sound obvious, but failing to define and execute a clear purpose is one of the more common web site design errors ─ and one of the most costly. Do you want a web site solely to establish an Internet presence, with a single page providing basic information such as phone numbers, and a general description of your business? Or do you want a complete e-commerce site with multiple pages, photos of your best work, an inventory of accessories, a background of your company? Or something in-between these two extremes?
Why are you going to the trouble and expense of creating a Web site? Precisely what do you want it to accomplish? If you can’t state your purpose clearly in a sentence or two, you’re probably not ready to dip a toe in Internet waters.

2. Failing to Communicate Your Purpose Clearly to Your Site Designer

If you hire a professional to create your site (and most business owners probably should), you’ll pay additional charges if you keep exercising your right to change your mind. Changes in basic design after the project is underway can result in wasted creative hours. Unless your designer has agreed to a flat rate, you’ll be stuck with a larger bill than you expected.
You can avoid this common error by taking time to sit down in advance with your designer to discuss your ideas. Sketching out layouts and text with paper and pencil can save hours of costly design time.
Don’t allow yourself to become an obstacle to completion of the work by over-managing, but don’t sit back and assume that you shouldn’t be involved at all in the creative process. Either approach would be a mistake.

3. Failing to Understand that the Most Important Element of any Web Site is Content

Web surfers are looking for information about your business and the products or services you offer. Such details as site design eleme...

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