Lifestyles Bentonville AR

Your lifestyle doesn't always have to revolve around your work--it can be the other way around with some creative thinking. The following articles will give you some ideas on alternatives to the normal job that fit into many different types of lifestyles.

Don't Retire—REWIRE! Prosper in a Home Business While "Retired" Bentonville AR

Having your own business could become a dream come true. As children, we dream and plan for what "we want to be when we grow up" and continue planning up and around the career ladder throughout adulthood. And then comes retirement. While traditional travel and leisure pursuits sound appealing, for many, the realities and stress associated with change, lack of structure, and even "too much of a good thing" can leave some longing for the days of schedules, deadlines, and problem-solving.

Overcome Fear of Change Bentonville AR

The business organism must grow to survive.What is the miracle that stimulates growth? It’s called change. Change is the sharp stick that moves us out of our comfort zones, and forces us. Change creates opportunity for growth. But why do we resist change so much? Why is it that when change happens oftentimes our first reaction is to dig in our heels?

When Business Slows, Get an Outside Company to Hire You to Work from Home Bentonville AR

A new home-based business might not get off the ground so quickly. While you’re building and waiting, you might need to find some alternate ways to cover your costs. Even after your business takes off, you might still need additional income strategies for the slow times. In short, you might need to nail down part-time work, or add some home-based services in addition to your normal line of work. Read for more.

Women-Owned Businesses Start-ups Bentonville AR

Women are starting businesses at a rate of more than 2 to 1 over their male counterparts. Just in the U.S alone, there are 10.4 million women-owned businesses. Women are scrambling up the corporate ladder and if the promotions don’t come fast enough, women are leaving their jobs and becoming the bosses in record numbers.
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