Management Lincoln NE

Running a business requires managing a number of operations, employees and your time. Get the best management system and style for your business in place so that everything runs well each day.

10 Time Management Tips to Help You Work Smarter Lincoln NE

Time management means scheduling every waking minute and putting yourself on an assembly line type of schedule. Actually, done correctly, time management can free you to do non-work activities that give your life balance.

Break Free from Paper Clutter Lincoln NE

Many people rely on an “inbox” for active paperwork, and that’s one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to de-cluttering. An inbox inherently lends itself to inaction. Think about your own inbox for a moment.

Connect with Your Younger Workforce Lincoln NE

The next generations of workers, i.e. teens and young adults, have gained a reputation from the older generation of not being able to contribute at the same level they did when they were young. So before you dismiss this new generation of workers, take the following into account and use this knowledge to turn them into workplace stars.

Counter-Intuitive Time Management Lincoln NE

The absolute BIGGEST challenge that entrepreneurs, artists, authors, and other creative geniuses that come to me for help is productivity. Some know they need help with time management techniques. Others are struggling, but they haven’t discovered that poor time management is the source of their frustration. Read on to find out more.

Cover Your Legal Bases Lincoln NE

Use a two-step approach to find a good attorney. First, carefully select a firm by getting personal references and then examining the firm’s web site. The web site can give you information on that particular firm’s areas of expertise and their specialty. Also contact state bar associations to check an attorney’s bar certification.

Health Care Insurance Options when You Leave Your Day Job Lincoln NE

When a person is out of work, he or she operates on a tighter budget. Being faced with a major medical expense without insurance and no income to cover the care is only part of the problem. Read on to know more about this topic.

Planning an Event to Promote Your Business Lincoln NE

Are you a small business owner who wants to host an event but struggles to find an affordable venue? Choosing the right venue is one of the most important decisions you'll make when organizing an event. But as a small business with an even smaller budget, finding a space that's affordable and marketable can feel next to impossible.

Protecting Your Home Business Ass-ets Lincoln NE

As a home-based business owner, you work hard to establish your market, attract customers, and generate a profit. Don’t let the mistake of assuming that your homeowners insurance policy adequately covers your business operations, resulting in your losing all you have worked to create. Another common mistake home-based business owners make is relying on an umbrella policy to cover their business operations for both property and liability coverage.
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