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Brennan-Nagel Marketing & Sale
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2042 Autumn Wood Dr
Saint Charles, MO

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Ald Services
(636) 946-5700
1759 Scherer Pkwy
Saint Charles, MO
Wilson Monnig Creative
(314) 315-3362
729 Millwood Dr.
St. Peters, MO
R. T. Wielers
201 north main street
saint charles, MO
Anchor Communications Inc
(636) 946-9800
820 S Main St Ste 302
Saint Charles, MO
Jimcinn Advertising
(636) 926-8277
34 Ayrshire Rd
Saint Charles, MO
Top Notch Distributors Inc
(314) 522-2900
3906 Ventures Way
Earth City, MO

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Wetzel Roland O
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1918 Gallaher Ave
Saint Charles, MO
B & B Retail Automotive Mktg
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340 N Main St Ste 204
Saint Charles, MO

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Business Performance Solutions
(636) 300-0555
148 Bright Gem Dr
Saint Charles, MO
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The Benefits of Using Text Ads for Your Home Business

Use Online Text Ads to Maximize Your Internet Advertising Campaign
By Joe Dysart

Despite all the buzz about rich media lately, the simple text ad is still the most effective way to advertise online, according an October 2008 survey by iPerceptions ( ). Specifically, the market research company found that 25% of web site visitors are more likely to click on a text-only ad when they visit a web site — a preference that beat out every other ad format.

The study is especially intriguing, given its substantial number of participants. Fourteen thousand people were surveyed about their ad preferences after they visited leading media Web sites, according to iPerceptions. “By having a direct dialog with consumers, we are able to know — with certainty — what consumers want and expect from their online experience,” says Jonathan Levitt, the company’s vice president of marketing.

Many home businesses are already playing the text ad game. Web design firms, consultants, tax preparers — the full gamut of home-based businesses — regularly run text ads on Google and the other major search engines.

Meanwhile, similar results on text ad dominance also surfaced in an earlier study released in July 2006 by Y2M. That market research firm found that 52% of college community members that read college newspapers online respond most favorably to text ads. The study, which featured input from 7,500 readers of online college newspapers, and included undergrads, graduates, alumni, faculty and parents, also found that pop-up ads were the most unpopular form of advertising.

Fortunately, if you’re looking to give text ads a try based on these latest survey results, you’re in luck. Getting into the text ad market is extremely easy, given the intense competition for text ad dollars by the major search engines. Here’s a game plan:

Experiment With The Big Three Ad Networks First: Google ( ), Yahoo! ( ) and MSN ( ) all have highly evolved ad networks that have been painstakingly designed for non-techie use. Any of these is a good place to learn the basics of online text advertising.

Plus, once you’re acquainted with the medium, your business can begin to take advantage of the ad analytics these companies offer as part of their services, free-of-charge. These analytics will help you hone your text ad message, and ideally ensure you get the best R.O.I. for your ad dollar. (A new service to check out once you're comfortable with online text ads is MySpace MyAds: ( ).

Embed Keywords In Ad Headline And Copy: While it’s not always possible, embedding the primary keyword for your product or service in the ad headline and copy will often guarantee you the best results.

Offer A Free Trial Or Discount: As with conventional advertising, free and discounts are reported to be extremely ...

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